Bridgnorth, amazing town in Shropshire county!

If you wish to know a lovely place in the heart of England, you should visit  Bridgnorth town. Nice streets, delicious food an a perfect atmosphere . This is an amazing little town, located near Wolverhampton. Every day, it’s possible for you to arrive in the town by the 890 bus from Wolverhampton. In 40 minutes, you will arrive there.

When you arrive in Bridgnorth, you should walk in High street, visit the shops, bakery, supermarket and vintage shops. Do not forget to visit Bridgnorth Castle, the Railway Station Bewdley , the Bridgnorth Cliff Railway and the Severn Park. Observe the doors and chimneys of the houses. They are beautiful. The gardens are perfect with a lot of flowers, apples and sometimes you find the people caring for their gardens.

Bridgnorth is a perfect city to have picnic. If you wish to have a picnic, you will find different places around the town. Bring with you a picnic blanket, put on the ground or grass and have an amazing time. It’s possible, to go to Tesco  or Sainsbury to by water, biscuits, cheese, fruit , beer or other things for your picnic.

For breakfast, do not forget to visit the Garden Tea Cafe. An amazing couple serve the best scones in the UK with cornish cream and strawberry jam. It’s possible  to drink tea, Italian coffee and fruit juice. The view is perfect and do not forget to take a lot of photos.



For lunch, the best fish is in High Town Grill and Chip Shop in Waterloo Terrace. I love the Hadock, cheese and onion cake , fish cake and potatoes. This is a simple place with delicious food.
Last, visit the Giovanni’s Ice Cream  Parlour and Coffee Shop. There taste the ginger and honey ice cream. It’s perfect. They sell Bennetts ice cream.

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