Didactic Strategy as Design: The Learning Designer Software


Learning Designer software was developed by London Knowledge Lab ( Institute of Education- University of London) to interpret and analyse teacher’s learning designs, such as provide feedback for teachers and students. At the first moment, the software can help teachers to think about their teaching and learning processes. It is a thermometer for all.

The software is divided in three parts: Home, Browser and Designer.

‘Home’ presents general information about the software.

Browser‘ offers a collection of pedagogical patterns, which you can redesign for your own teaching practice.

Designer‘ presents the pedagogical pattern template to help you describe your own teaching idea for a session (e.g. student preparation, class activities and homework).

When you are planning a lesson, you need following these information:

  1. Name
  2. Topic
  3. Learning Time
  4. Number of Students
  5. Description
  6. Aims
  7. Outcomes

The Learning Designer is organized in a sequence of TLA ( Learning Type)  where you can define:

  1. Title
  2. Kind of activity ( Read Watch Listen, Collaborate, Discuss, Investigate, Practice and Produce).
  3. Duration in minutes of activity
  4. Organization of students
  5. Teacher present
  6. Resource attached
  7. Description
  8. Notes

You can import and export designer. The software could be accessed on website http://web.lkldev.ioe.ac.uk/LD/ 

More information: http://tel.ioe.ac.uk/2011/12/learning-designer/

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